Mountainbikes. Rent and ride.

Explore the beautiful nature of Funen.

Here is something for your eyes, your brain, your legs, your heart and lungs… Summer, winter, spring and fall, MTB is both fun, adventure and exercise.

We offer you a guided tour in this beautiful landscape. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced rider you will benefit from pleasant woodland trails, scenic spots, lakes and technical passages to challenge your skills.

Our rental shop is located in the the north-western part of Odense. But if you contact us, we can discuss a possible delivery of your bike all over Funen.

We offer our expertise to everyone, whether you are a large group, pair or single person.
Our mountainbikes are high-quality bikes from Principia and Ghost and all contains gps-tracking.

Renting a mountainbike includes helmet, drinkingbottle and other needful accessories.

Booking at info@lejmtb.dk or phone/text: +45 51 92 71 48

Booking in advance is recommendable.